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Hello friends! 


Every fall, as many of you know, I like to sit down and write a letter outlining my game plan in the salon and keep you updated on all the cool stuff going on in the world of Rockstars + Lambs.  It’s been a very productive year traveling for Label.m and working some very different hours.  For the first time in thirteen years, I went on vacation! Can you imagine working day in and out with virtually no break?  I did it!  I didn’t realize taking time away for myself was going to be so beneficial, but this year has taught me the many benefits of turning off my phones and enjoying a good tv show or catching up on a book that’s not hair-related. 


Chris and I have been very successful this year when it comes to education!  Chris has traveled with me and educated with me for Label.m this past year and has also taken the time to mentor at one of the local beauty schools and prepare students for state board examinations!  The biggest addition to his license is that Chris now holds his Barber and Cosmetology licenses simultaneously in the state of Colorado!  He’s one of VERY FEW. It’s such an honor to have him at Rockstars + Lambs.  We are truly two very lucky and PASSIONATE salon professionals! 



As you may see if you follow me online, I travel quite often for Label.m teaching and attending sales meeting on behalf of our corporate team in Florida.  I have spent some extensive time in Plano, Texas and will be heading back a few more times as a large portion of my Label.m associates work and live there.  While traveling, I do receive your texts, emails and phone calls.  In the case that I am away out of state, Chris is your main contact while I’m away.  Should you need to get in for a service while I’m away, please feel free to book with him as you would book with me.  


Something you’ll notice in the next year is that the scheduled hours will be changing a bit when it comes to my personal schedule.  I am currently available seven days a week with rotating days off.  Some of our busiest days are Mondays and Fridays.  In August, I published a survey to see when folks would like to get in.  The obvious winner was weekends and the next highest traffic time in the salon is weekday mornings.  I am only to be accepting my late clients Mondays and Wednesdays.  If you are a client that likes to come in at 4:30 or 5:00, please understand that those spots are incredibly limited and it is advised that you book two appointments at a time if you can.  Also, new gentlemen looking to get in will now be referred directly to Chris as he is the barber in house.  All of my existing men are staying put!  I adore each and every one of you, but my main focuses are my color clientele and education.  Please feel free to refer your gentlemen friends to Chris.  He will be offering shaving services very soon as we rearrange the salon to accommodate his barbering skills.


We both appreciate your referrals and look forward to seeing you and your friends in the 2017-2018 season.  Please keep in mind that pricing differs between the two of us, but the salon products and policies are exactly the same when booking a chemical service or session with either of us. 



As the industry continues to keep us on our toes with the use of social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, I find it incredibly beneficial to search for the best performing chemicals available on the market.  I personally look for the safest, highest quality, high-pigment, low pH color I can.  The cuticle absorbs and retains a low pH color much better and the hair is rarely trashed or brittle.  


Our primary color line used at the salon is TIGI Copyright Colour.  This range allows us to cover gray, lift, deposit, create custom tones (blues, roses) and still maintain a good price point to you as a color client. We have also taken on Goldwell’s Colorance, New Blonde and SilkLift lines.  These products are primarily used for chemical blondes and heavily high-lighted guests.  I have been searching for a safe lightener that does not destroy the hair as it progressively moves to more iridescent results and the science at the labs in Germany and Japan seem to be the most safe for me to use as a colorist.  


From time to time, you will see Chris and I reach for a tube of Wella as we just can’t shake the stuff.  It’s a well-performing line and there are some formulas that honestly can’t be replicated without the use of Koleston Perfect.  Both the Goldwell and Wella color lines are priced at a premium level as they contain more fatty lipids and a lower pH than our friends at TIGI.  When it comes to blonding, those two brands work on a completely different level of expertise.  Chris and I will let you know what we’re using.  If you have questions, please ask!  We love to give small science lessons at the color bar. 



As you know I am having the thrill of my career working extensively with the Label.m brand as a national educator.  I see a lot of things before they drop and have a lot of correspondence with our Toni & Guy friends around the world!  Label.m offers a large line of stylers and haircare that I trust and give my seal of approval to on the daily!  Should you be a devoted fan of Label.m like me, but want to try something different, I have chosen to bring in the Amika brand to compliment our full range of products!  Chris is in love with this brand and I trust anything my right-hand gives mad props to! Amika’s focus is hydration and styling so if you are looking for more moisture, this line is for you!


Look for pieces from Goldwell and TIGI S-Factor as well on our shelves. Since we use color lines from both brands respectively, I want to introduce you to a few other options.  Label.m is our fixture in the salon, but I believe that all four brands play well together and want you to enjoy the variety of products offered. 



It is salon policy to be on-time, call with 24 hours notice or more if you need to reschedule, and that children under the age of 8 are not brought to the salon unless they are having a service done.  Please understand that we want to create a calm space for you to relax while you sit with one of us whether its for a design service or color session.  


Please arrive 5-10 minutes ahead of your scheduled time.  If we are running behind due to processing times, we will contact you and let you know a time estimate and adjust your scheduled session as needed. 


If you are running 10 minutes or more behind, your session will be rescheduled.  There are no exceptions.  10 minutes easily sets our schedules back significantly making for a very rushed day.  We can’t guarantee that you will be rescheduled for the same week or even a single-session.  We love seeing you and want the best comfort level for you.  Being on time helps us keep these standards consistent. 


If for some reason you do not cancel within 24 hours or do not show up for your appointment, you will be billed on the following scale.  This does not mean that you can’t return, it simply means you’ll be invoiced via email or your balance forward will be applied to your next session’s total. 


Same Day Cancellation - $25.00

No Show (Design) - $25.00

No Show (Color) - $50.00



I want to say thank you for making 2017 a wonderful year so far.  We are growing on personal and professional levels and are honored you have chosen us as your beauty authority in Southern Colorado. 


Josh Cooley

Rockstars + Lambs by Josh Cooley

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PUBLISHED: 01 September 2017  


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