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A Letter from Josh

Hello friends,


Well, 2020 was a trip, wasn't it? I don't want any repeats, but I also have take te the time to embrace the lessons attached as we survived lockdown, surges in Coronavirus throughout Pueblo County (and the world) and constant updates to guidelines and recommendation for small businesses like mine.  We survived, we thrived, we grew despite a change in cutlure (masks, social distancing) and we learned how powerful a hair appointment was.  I think a seven-week lockdown was just the ticket to emphasize how incredibly important self-care is and how much we, as humans, look forward to a little uninterrupted time to pamper ourselves and wash the day away... literally.  


Moving into 2021, I'm looking forward to seeing everyone socially once again and, perhaps, a sign of relief that we made it through the last year when so many others simply couldn't.  I'm appreciative as a business owner when I see the loyalty from my clientele, business associates and friends.  We can only move upward and onward from here.



As many of you know, I am trying to concentrate on working a four-day schedule.  I love to see my first one about 8am and take my last guest at 3 or 4pm so we both have plenty of time to enjoy our evenings with our families or are able to catch the tail-end of happy hour!  I am currently working a few Saturdays a month, but recommend booking your sessions in multiples or recurring on the calendar to keep your spot available for you.  This service can be granted at anytime.  All you have to do is ask and I can program the calendar to have you coming in at the same time every three to ten weeks.  This has been a super successful tool I initiated last year.  


With that said, I have chosen to practice a little transparency giving people my direct number so they can contact me, refer their friends and set up sessions.  In this world of constant communication, I have found that being "available" is where it's at.  I do, however, practice weekly UNPLUGGING and do not reply to messages on Fridays or Saturdays.  Your patience is always appreciated as I touch base Sunday or Monday when I turn my notifications back on.  This little mental break is a high point for me weekly in a time when the average person picks up thier phone every 3 minutes to check  their News Feeds.  


I am currently accepting new clients for both chemical and design services.  Remember, everytime you refer a client that comes in and completes a service, you recieve 20% off your next session!  Take advantage of this benefit and REFER AWAY! 



I've chosen to pair the salon with John Paul Mitchell Systems.  Paul Mitchell The Color XG is a compeltely Vegan and Cruelty-free line.  Using a socially conscious color line is a big priority for me as I have many friends and people in my life that are vegetarian or vegan.  On top of that, I just don't believe that in 2020 we need to be using animal products as much as we once did.  The days of harsh chemicals are over! With The Color XG line, I can cover gray, add dimension and focus on creating beautiful, long-lasting shiny shades.  The formula is fueled by cottonseed oil and rice milk.  How cool is that? 



The salon proudly stocks Paul Mitchell products and sometimes you'll see seasonal favorites or promotins grace the shelf as well.  I'm always looking for the next amazing product regardless of branding.  Anything we use in the salon can be special ordered and made avaialble within about a week.  If you don't see your favorite product on the shelf, ask me to order it and I'll be happy to have it stocked for you.  



I ask that all clients are at least 10 minutes early for their scheduled appointment.  If you are running more than 10 minutes behind your scheduled time, you will be asked to reschedule.  



Thank you for allowing me to be your hairdresser, friend and (sometimes) therapist.  


Have a fabulous hair day! 


Josh Cooley

Rockstars + Lambs by Josh Cooley

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PUBLISHED: 01 May 2020


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