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A Letter from Josh

Hello friends,


I want to take this time to wish you a comforting, family-filled holiday season.  As November and December draw in the close of 2019, a stream of thoughts have been streaming across my mind.  


Compared to a year ago, the world of Rockstars and Lambs, LTD has changed.  I have resigned from Label.m USA as an educator and brand amabassador and have seen the full-circle evolution of my salon being back to a two-chair studio with one person running the entire show.  This is what we can define as "private practice".  I'm thoroughly enjoying it and looking forward to some fun changes coming in January 2019.  



As of now, I am working a full four-day schedule (on paper).  I am averaging about five days, but there are weeks when I am fully booked at four and enjoy the other three to live my life and enjoy some personal time at home reading, going to Mass and cooking.  


With my resignation to Label.m already solid, this means I am land-locked and available to see you like the good ol' days before I traveled twice a month.  My schedule is available seven days a week with rolling days off.  You never know when I'm off, so don't worry about if you are booked on a Tuesday evening, a Saturday or Sunday.  I've got the logistics worked out on my end for a comfy 32 hours with clients a week.  I'm more flexible now than I've ever been in my entire career.  


Something traveling for Label.m taught me was the importance of a good vacation.  Can you believe I had not taken vacation in twelve years?  That's crazy insane to phathom now.  I won't be taking in another twelve years without a sabbatical.  Something I learned working for a European company was that time off matters, setting boundaries is pertinent and burn out comes way before vacation is planned.  I'm scheudled in the salon through the end of 2018, but as soon as I can get a 2019 trip booked, I'll more than liikely to flying to my "second home" in Plano, TX to visit friends and get some shopping done. 



I've had much success with the TIGI Copyright Colour brand in the salon and look forward to keeping this brand on as I move through 2019.  TIGI has created a new line of haircare and products to accompany this color line called "Copyright Custom Care".  Look for new stuff this holiday season as we soft-release the line to best compliment our color line of choice.


Beginning in January 2019, we will be adding a 98% Organic and Natural brand from Denmark called Natulique to the color bar. This color is not only ammonia-free, it is made with 98% organic compounds and is one of the greenest chemicals you can use on the beauty market.  The cool part of this, as well, is that there is virtually no price difference between using TIGI or Natulique.  It all comes down to simple preference.  I prefer a natural product, but also understand the need for traditional ammonia colour when coloring gray hair and lifting dark tones.  Natulique is going to be your new favorite! I promise that. 



As of October 2018, we have discontinued stocking Label.m Shampoos and Conditioners.  We are currently keeping a TOP 10 selection of styling favorites as we add cleaner, greener products to our repertoire.  


A majority of your favorite Label.m Shampoos and Conditioners have been replaced with TIGI Copyright Custom Care, Onesta (a vegan brand) and soon-to-be added additions from Natulique.  


Onesta's addition in July 2018 proved to be a BIG success.  13 SKUs make up this small, but powerful range that is turning into a client favorite.  If you like Onesta, you will love Natulique.



It is salon policy to be on-time, call with 24 hours notice or more if you need to reschedule, and that children under the age of 8 are not brought to the salon unless they are having a service done.  Please understand that we want to create a calm space for you to relax while you sit with one of us whether its for a design service or color session.  


Please arrive 5-10 minutes ahead of your scheduled time.  If we are running behind due to processing times, we will contact you and let you know a time estimate and adjust your scheduled session as needed. 


If you are running 10 minutes or more behind, your session will be rescheduled.  There are no exceptions.  10 minutes easily sets our schedules back significantly making for a very rushed day.  We can’t guarantee that you will be rescheduled for the same week or even a single-session.  We love seeing you and want the best comfort level for you.  Being on time helps us keep these standards consistent. 


If for some reason you do not cancel within 24 hours or do not show up for your appointment, you will be billed on the following scale.  This does not mean that you can’t return, it simply means you’ll be invoiced via email or your balance forward will be applied to your next session’s total. 


Same Day Cancellation - $25.00

No Show (Design) - $25.00

No Show (Color) - $50.00



I want to say thank you for making 2018 a wonderful year so far.  The holiday season is an exciting time to plan get-togethers, holiday menus and NEW, BOLD haircolor choices!  Make sure you're on the books. 


Josh Cooley

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PUBLISHED: 01 November 2018  


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